Monday, 20 May 2013

Bandhipur Visit

A group of friends decided one weekend to give the concrete jungle a break and head towards the wild jungle.
As several options flashed across our mind – we had to choose a place which is short enough to cover in two days but one that is definitely not short on adventure
One of our friend suggested Bandipur a forest reserve not as famous as Kabini or Mudumalai but one which is equally famous for sighting wildlife.
We came back from work freshened up and started at 10pm - Fri on a Scorpio.
The distance between Bandipur and Chennai – 585 kms.

The famous highway from Chennai to Bangalore is not so famous anymore with road widening work moving at a snail’s pace. The frequent deviations cut short our speed apart from testing our patience getting stuck behind a slow moving truck.
Just before you reach Bangalore city there is a deviation to Mysore Road.
Once we touched Mysore Road we were fortunate enough to follow another SUV as there are speed breakers every few kms and can take one travelling for the first time by Surprise.
As it was around 2 am there was not much of traffic, the road was terrific, the speed breakers to ensure you drive within the limits
The distance from Mysore to Bandipur is 60 kms.

As we reached Bandipur at 6.30am, we instantly knew this place matched what we expected, lush green forest, and terrific weather especially if you are from Chennai and more importantly hardly any people around.

 Ambuja Farms is not a 5 star accommodation, but one which reminds you that you are far far away from traffic jams, Corporate reviews or noisy neighbours.

Located in the heart of the forest the farm offers you homely food and peaceful stay.
You were in a different land, the land of the wild.

One could sight Deers and Peococks everywhere. The Deer sometimes came as close as 10 feet.

As we went trekking in the evening, we saw the gentle giants come as families to quench their thirst in a nearby dam.

The next day we arranged for a guide to take us around. We were fortunate to sight the Leapord, Bison and monkeys.

The elusive Tiger once again eluded us.That night we heard the cry of the Jackal, hyena and barking deer.
Our flashy gadgets and phones offered little solace, to the lurking danger outside our rooms
This was their country and they made the rules.
Overall Bandipur is an fantastic place to visit for nature Lovers and one we will love to visit again.

(Kiran.T works as Station Head with a leading Media entertainment company)

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